layers.gifLAYER managing layers
layers_tools.gifLAYER-WERKZEUG additional tools for layers
blocks.gifBLÖCKE managing blocks
polylines.gifPOLYLINIEN edit polylines
walls.gifWALLS draw and edit walls
hatches.gifHATCHES quick hatch
architectural.gifARCHITEKTUR tools for architects
areas.gifAREAS describe rooms and count areas
lines.gifLINIEN changing linetypes
layouts.gifLAYOUTS manage layouts
modify.gifMODIFIKATIONEN modify objects
draw.gifZEICHNEN draw objects
tools.gifWERKZEUG various tools
select.gifAUSWAHL tools for selecting objects
edit.gifBEARBEITEN editing tools
texts_and_attributes.gifTEXTE UND ATTRIBUTE tools for creating and editing texts and attributes
dimension.gifDIMENSIONIERUNG dimension editing tools
zoom.gifZOOM zooming tools
clean.gifBEREINIGEN tools to clean up drawing
papers.gifBLÄTTER drawing ISO paper formats
plot.gifDRUCKEN printing tools
xref.gifANLAGEN manage external references
constructions.gifCONSTRUCTIONS draw constructions
lisp.gifLISP AutoLISP commands
setup.gifSETUP APLUS Settings
beta_functionsBETAFUNKTIONEN commands in beta testing