APLUS - 2500 Advantages

APLUS is the largest AutoCAD add-on with more than 2500 functions! For more than 10 years it has constantly been developed by our team of architects who are also programmers. This synergy made it possible to deliver a dedicated response to the real needs of designers, architects, engineers and other users of computer-aided design software.

Time savings!

APLUS makes both drawing and making schedules significantly more efficient. I cannot imagine working in AutoCAD without the APLUS overlay.

Maria Mermer, architect, JEMS Architekci

I cannot imagine CAD without APLUS!

The APLUS overlay is a dedicated tool for architects, and therefore it responds to a number of needs specific to our work. Tasks which used to require a lot of time and work, such as making schedules or calculating surfaces, have become marginal now. Drawing itself is faster and more comfortable. Another great advantage of APLUS is its technical support, thanks to which any problems that appear in the process of our work are resolved in the blink of an eye.

Agnieszka Wejchert, architect, PRC Architekci

Full commercial

Qty.Disc.Per license
10%1035 EUR / 4937 PLN
2-45%983 EUR / 4690 PLN
5-910%931 EUR / 4444 PLN
10-1415%879 EUR / 4197 PLN
15-1920%828 EUR / 3950 PLN
20+25%776 EUR / 3703 PLN
*1 year Maintenance included
**All prices exclude VAT


Annual license cost
100 EUR / 105 USD

Maintenance included
Maximum period of use - 3 years
Not for commercial use